Janet Napolitano: Two faced on National Security

What would usually be too ironic to be bona fide fact, we see an unusual set of circumstances coming from the desk of our Homeland Security’s highest office.

In an unprecedented display of two-faced agenda, Napolitano comes down hard on U.S. travelers for displaying dismay and contempt for the “virtual strip searches” that are being conducted at many of our nations busiest airports.

TSA hierarchy issues glib blanket denials that they are abusing the body scanners or the pat down procedure, yet the very TSA goons running the program admit that they are using the devices to ogle at people’s genitalia, including women and young children. This in turn exposes yet another TSA lie – the claim that the scanners do not show intimate details of genitalia – which the organization has ludicrously maintained from the start despite images from the TSA’s own website showing that genitalia can clearly be seen. This has also led to TSA workers and others who use the scanners sexually harassing their own colleagues, with male TSA agents abusing the devices to crack jokes about penis sizes and also ogle a female airport security worker’s breasts.

The TSA cannot ignore this backlash in the hope that it will simply go away. More and more people will refuse to travel to the United States if this situation is allowed to continue, creating a devastating economic impact on an industry that has already lost a third of its potential income since 9/11, with travelers specifically citing the behavior of TSA thugs as the main reason for them staying away.

The TSA’s excuse that the supposed terror threat provides them with carte blanche to subject travelers to any level of debasement holds no credibility whatsoever, and unless the agency reverses its patently illegal groping measures and discontinues use of body scanners on health and privacy grounds, the TSA itself could become the target of legislation to abolish it altogether, which will undoubtedly become the next lobbying position embraced by the amplifying rebellion against TSA tyranny.

In commenting on the abuse, and the breaching of many privacy laws here in the U.S. Napolitano claims that this is necessary in the “interest of Homeland Security”. She backs up the TSA at every level, and even goes as far as to say that it is inappropriate for us as the Citizens to question the system of security set in place by the government system that she oversees and commands.

On the other side of the coin however, she brandished harsh words in relation to steps that Arizona had begun to take to quell the surging illegal immigration problem facing them, and in her words to Jan Brewer, portrayed her as a liar and a fear mongering enforcer of the law.

Napolitano, a Democrat, vetoed a fair amount of get-tough immigration measures as governor and would have nixed Senate Bill 1070 also. She quit as governor in January to work for Obama, leaving job to Jan Brewer, a Republican.

Napolitano also continues to advocate for federal immigration reforms, including amnesty for illegal immigrants already in the U.S.

Napolitano’s stances on SB1070 and reform/amnesty don’t exactly mesh with public sentiment here in the U.S.A, which favor get-tough approaches to the issue.

When questioned on the high number of middle eastern, terrorist based illegal immigration systems that use the U.S./ Mexico border as a gateway to enter illegally, she was unable to explain herself in why cracking down on the border, and increasing its security “would not be a solution”.

To summarize our Secretary of Homeland Security by her words and actions, we can simply look at the facts. Her idea of security is to crack down on U.S. travelers, using naked scans, and groping techniques, while allowing illegal border infractions to continue unpunished. This is just a small sample of her failure to properly perform her duties, and in fact further undermine the system that she oversees. She needs to set politics aside, and begin to fulfill her job description as she has sworn under oath that she “will fulfill and perform to the best of her talent and ability”.


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PELOSI: Time to step down, save your own party…

WASHINGTON – AP:  In a fresh sign of turmoil among defeated Democrats, a growing number of the rank and file say they won’t support House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a politically symbolic roll call when the new Congress meets in January.

“The reality is that she is politically toxic,” said Illinois Rep. Mike Quigley, one of several Democrats who are trying to pressure Pelosi to step aside as her party’s leader in the wake of historic election lossesto Republicans last week.

Pelosi startled many Democrats with a quick postelection announcement that she would run for minority leader. She has yet to draw an opponent for the post. Party elections are scheduled for next week, although a postponement is possible.

In the interim, Pelosi’s critics have become more vocal in their efforts to retire her from the party leadership.

There’s “starting to be a sense that this may not be as much of a done deal as people might have thought,” Rep. Jason Altmire said of Pelosi’s quest to remain the top Democrat.

“If enough people come out and voice a little discomfort with the idea of her continuing on, maybe she would reconsider,” said the Pennsylvanian, one of a handful of Democrats who said he won’t cast a ceremonial vote for her.

The election of a party leader occurs behind closed doors. A separate election for speaker to be held on Jan. 5, a few hours after the House convenes for the first time, is a very visible one. One member of each party is typically nominated, and each lawmaker is then called by name to stand and declare a choice. The event is customarily televised live.

Defections from party discipline are rare in such circumstances, but several Democrats said they would not support Pelosi. They did not specify how they would vote instead.

Pelosi’s office declined to comment Wednesday on calls for her to step aside, but she was mounting a robust defense of her record. In an op-ed in USA Today, Pelosi blamed the election results on “the genuine frustration of the American people, who are justifiably angered by the continued high unemployment rate.”

Most of the Democrats who say they would not support Pelosi are moderates from conservative districts who have toiled to distinguish themselves from their liberal leader, and who watched dozens of like-minded Democrats go down in defeat after Republicans savaged them in TV advertisements as lapdogs of the San Francisco congresswoman.

Quigley stopped short of saying he would oppose Pelosi on a public vote, but others did not.

“You would find an unusual number of people not voting for the nominee of their party” if Pelosi were the choice, said Rep. Jim Matheson of Utah.

“There’s a growing number of people in the caucus saying, ‘Why’s she running for minority leader in the first place?’ We just got thumped in this election in a major way, and to act like we can just go back and do the same thing over again. It just seems like a very obvious situation when change is called for,” Matheson said.

Rep. Dan Boren, D-Okla., another conservative, said through a spokesman that he, too, plans to vote against Pelosi in public and private.

Rep. Mike Ross, D-Ark., strongly suggested as much in a statement in which he said he wouldn’t back Pelosi “for House Democratic leader or any other leadership position in the Congress.”

Democrats lost at least 60 seats in last week’s elections, with a handful of races yet to be settled. Many of the defeats came in conservative or swing districts, and many of her critics are lawmakers who survived narrowly.

Altmire won re-election by little more than 2 percentage points, but Quigley ran up more than 70 percent of the vote in his Chicago-area district. Pelosi has “probably been made the scapegoat in all this,” he said in an interview, but he added that keeping her as the top Democrat “would make recruitment very difficult and winning back the House in two years nearly impossible.”

The prospect of substantial Democratic defections from Pelosi on the first day of the new Congress comes amid a heated debate between liberals and conservatives about the party’s future. Many liberals assert Democrats must reinvigorate core supporters by refusing to compromise with Republicans on key principles, while centrists argue they must tack to the middle to win over independent voters.

The divide is complicated by the fact that the party’s losses disproportionately hit moderates, purging the ranks of conservatives who call themselves “Blue Dogs,” a coalition that lost more than half of its members. Liberals who are Pelosi’s natural constituency now make up a greater percentage of House Democrats.

Her decision to seek a new term as party leader has also set off a messy struggle between Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland, currently the No. 2 Democrat, and Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina, the current No. 3.

Hoyer is widely viewed as the voice of moderate Democrats in leadership, although his list of public supporters includes powerful liberals. Clyburn is the most powerful African-American in Congress. The two are competing for the second-in-command position in the minority in a contest that has taken on racial overtones in recent days with the decision of the Congressional Black Caucus to endorse Clyburn.

Democratic officials say Pelosi has urged Clyburn to bow out of the race and run for a lesser leadership job, with an additional promise of a newly created face-saving position on a key committee. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity, saying they were not authorized to discuss private discussions.

Kristie Greco, a spokeswoman for Clyburn, declined to confirm Pelosi’s move, but said her boss remains a candidate and “The CBC wants to see this come to a vote.”

Other Democrats, eager for a smooth transition, note that if Pelosi were to withdraw, it would avoid a face-off between Hoyer and Clyburn.

“It’s still in play,” Matheson said. But, he added, “without an alternative stepping up and saying, ‘Vote for me instead,’ it makes it a little more difficult.”

Even the timetable for the selection of leaders has become embroiled in the controversy.

Two prominent liberals have called for a delay in the closed-door vote until next month.

“Following the loss of our majority, we should fully understand the causes of our historic losses before we begin the process of rebuilding,” Reps. Peter DeFazio of Oregon and Marcy Kaptur of Ohio wrote fellow Democrats.

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Mysterious Missile Launches off Coast of Los Angeles

(CBS) A mysterious missile launch off the southern California coast was caught by CBS affiliate KCBS’s cameras Monday night, and officials are staying tight-lipped over the nature of the projectile.

CBS station KFMB put in calls to the Navy and Air Force Monday night about the striking launch off the coast of Los Angeles, which was easily visible from the coast, but the military has said nothing about the launch.

KFMB showed video of the apparent missile to former U.S. Ambassador to NATO Robert Ellsworth, who is also a former Deputy Secretary of Defense, to get his thoughts.

Scroll down for KFMB video showing the launch.

“It’s spectacular… It takes people’s breath away,” said Ellsworth, calling the projectile, “a big missile”.

Magnificent images were captured by the KCBS news helicopter in L.A. around sunset Monday evening. The location of the missile was about 35 miles out to sea, west of L.A. and north of Catalina Island.

A Navy spokesperson told KFMB it wasn’t their missile. He said there was no Navy activity reported in the area Monday evening.

On Friday night, Vandenberg Air Force Base, in California, launched a Delta II rocket, carrying an Italian satellite into orbit, but a sergeant at the base told KFMB there had been no launches since then.

Ellsworth urged American to wait for definitive answers to come from the military.

When asked, however, what he thought it might be, the former ambassador said it could possibly have been a missile test timed as a demonstration of American military might as President Obama tours Asia.

“It could be a test-firing of an intercontinental ballistic missile from a submarine … to demonstrate, mainly to Asia, that we can do that,” speculated Ellsworth.

Ellsworth said such tests were carried out in the Atlantic to demonstrate America’s power to the Soviets, when there was a Soviet Union, but he doesn’t believe an ICBM has previously been tested by the U.S. over the Pacific.

Officially, at least, the projectile remains a mystery missile.

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China Credit Rating Corp. Downgrades U.S. Dollar

Contributed By: Matt Phillips, WSJ

Dagong Global Credit Rating Co., the Chinese rating company that was recently rejected in its bid to be an officially recognized bond rater in the U.S., just downgraded the entire U.S.The always objective Xinhua has the “scoop.”

The United States has lost its double-A credit rating with Dagong Global Credit Rating Co., Ltd., the first domestic rating agency in China, due to its new round of quantitative easing policy.

Dagong Global on Tuesday downgraded the local and foreign currency long-term sovereign credit rating of the U.S. by one level to A+ from previous AA with “negative” outlook.

The Chinese rating agency said the downgrade reflected the U.S.’s deteriorating debt repayment capability and drastic decline of the U.S. government’s intention of debt repayment.

“The serious defects in the U.S. economy will lead to long-term recession and fundamentally lower the national solvency,” Dagong said in a report.

The Chinese rating agency said the Federal Reserve’s new round of quantitative easing would further depreciate the U.S. dollar and was entirely counter to the interest of the creditors.

The Federal Reserve last week decided to buy 600 billion U.S. dollars of U.S. Treasury securities and other assets held by banks in a bid to inject fresh funds into the economy and bring down long-term interest rates.

“The credit crisis is far from over in the United States and the U.S. economy will be in a long-term recession,” Dagong Global warned in the report, adding a weakening greenback will cripple U.S. capability to attract dollar capital reflow.

Needless to say, the markets don’t find this credible. Bond yields haven’t done anything. As the Journal’s Joy Shaw reported, Dagong was little-known before it surprised the credit-rating world in July by publishing sovereign ratings for China that were higher than those for the U.S., the U.K., Japan and other major economies. The results differed from those issued by major credit-rating firms.

While we feel justified in giving Dagong’s neutrality the stink eye on this one, it’s not like Western credit ratings agencies have really distinguished themselves in recent years by slapping their good housekeeping AAA seal on some of the most toxic bond sludge Wall Street could concoct.

But as long as we’re looking to Communist state media for market update, we might as well point out one of our favorite pastimes here at MarketBeat, perusing the online pages of the Pyongyang Times. Here’s an insightful read on American culture published back in April. (Sadly, no link is available as the whole internet spirit doesn’t seem to have caught on so well in North Korea.):

The US is a society that is based on extreme individualism and governed by the law of the jungle.

In American society one can live only by way of racketeering, but without fraud and swindle one becomes a living dead who is denied even the elementary rights to food, clothing and housing. Nevertheless, the rulers trumpet about welfare and equality for all. This is the reality of corrupt American society.

In the US all sorts of crimes are rampant and the people’s vital and inviolable rights are exposed to constant threats.

The gunfires are plaguing the society like a malignant epidemic.

Rights to get job, to be fairly paid for the work done and to be provided with safe and hygienic working conditions exist in name only.

Although there are gaudy signboards of liberty, democracy and civilization in the US, a scrutiny into the reality shows that the socio-political and civil rights of most of the working people are grossly violated institutionally and the healthy development of the ideological and cultural fields is impeded due to the prevalence of social evils.


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California midterm voter turnout “disappoints voting staff”

During the Brown/Whitman election today here in California, voting staff was surprised to come face to face with the demographics responsible for the outcome at the exit polls.

Thousands were undocumented, most of whom were turned away, while still far greater numbers came to vote who were either long time welfare recipients, or unemployed. Some provided forged or stolen identities, and attempted to register and/or   vote, in spite of the fact that identity theft is a felony, punishable by fines and prison terms. None were arrested according to police, but several staff members asserted that it was impossible for staff to determine how many falsely documented voters still “slipped through the cracks” and managed to place their votes.

“The turnout was disappointing,” said poll worker Carlos Rivera from Pasadena. “I was really hoping for more of middle class America to be represented at the voting sites today, but for the most part they were non-taxpaying citizens, or unemployed.” When questioned about career based, middle class, employed voters he responded that they were “either at their jobs, or had other weekday priorities like picking up kids at school.” He added that many of the working class were “either too late, or left stranded in long lines that didn’t make it to the voting booths prior to polls closing.”

Many of the middle to upper income citizens used “mail- in” votes, but according to Jared DeLong that method comes with its own set of problems. “We all know how flawed the mail system is,” he began, “but its what happens with those mail-in votes when they actually arrive for processing, that really leaves room for questions,” he finished.

What is wrong with a system of weekday voting in states like California? “It leaves too much room to hear only from a very polarized demographic,” says Shelley, who requested that her last name be omitted. “We’re primarily hearing from those who benefit from low income and state welfare programs,and not enough from the citizens carrying the lion’s share of the tax burden. While they’re busy at their jobs, the individuals that they are supporting on state programs are at the voting stations.”

While mail-in votes have been in place for years to combat this problem of deciding between “work vs. vote” a “come vote anytime 24/7” system would still be more beneficial for those interested in getting their opinion on the ballot, since they are the ones supporting the economy. Many of the individuals polled, who were still standing in line after polls closed, had just worked a long day at the office, or just picked the kids up at school, added that “they would feel more assured of their vote if allowed to come in person anytime their schedule permitted, to vote.” They asserted that voting in person held much more value to them than the mail-in method. “I frankly don’t trust the mail-in system,” says Kathleen who works 12 hour shifts as a triage nurse, and was still in line when the polls closed, “its too easy for it to get lost, or altered, or any number of things.”

The voting system appears to be clearly flawed, but the question is how do we resolve it? Maybe a centralized voting station network open 24/7 during election season could pose a solution, then again, maybe it wouldn’t. What is clear is that the candidates who voted in vast numbers today and those who were in person, were a very small picture of the representative class. As Shelley put it, “Jerry Brown certainly got what he expected, and sadly what he wanted – thousands of dependents looking for a better future in him as Governor. More handouts, more benefits, and a very broke California.

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Moment of truth…Midterm Elections

In an unprecedented display of fact over fiction, this November 2 election is the ultimate show of whether mainstream media, liberal news networks, left wing news pundits, and socialist functions are actually right about America and the citizens of this great country. At a rally on the Mall this past week we see Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert being patted on the back for “outsizing” the Restoring Honor rally that Conservative News commentator Glenn Beck held this past August, with mainstream media touting the number of people who attended as “doubling, and maybe even tripling” the numbers of those who attended the Beck rally. Whether or not this is true, it serves to bolster a very interesting element that has become more than evident in this latest electoral development.

While the news should be dictated by current events, such as the ongoing election, they choose instead to comment in detail and at great length about a crowd of 200,000 in Washington who chose to show up at a comedy show. What is more important to note, is that America is deciding for herself what is true and what is false in this election, and they are making their opinion count at the polls.  With mainstream media looking on, the American people are making the choice … either for more “hope and change” – or on the contrary choosing more fiscal responsibility, constitutionality,  smaller government, and candidates who can create more jobs, and resuscitate the economy.

Mainstream media doesn’t want to report the truth on this election, and are continuing to spout their propaganda and biased opinions regarding what little election coverage they choose to offer. The rest of the time they continue to cover small news stories not related to the election, and shy away from the honest coverage that Americans are wanting to hear.

During the most recent news coverage by CNN, MSNBC, CBS and many other left wing media sources, we are hearing how well the Democratic candidates are doing in their so-called “polls” and from them, are hearing first hand what crazy “nut jobs” the Conservative/Republican party has on the ballot.  Some are made out to be witches, others devils, some as racists, and others still, as bigots.  On Wednesday morning, however, America will get the truth, and left wing media will have no choice but to report the election results. November the 3rd will be the end of Mainstream media telling us its raining outside, when we can look out the window for ourselves and see the bright blue sky, and sunshine, proving once again that their lies can not outlast what the citizens of this great country can see for themselves. America is choosing what she wants. Not what left wing media is telling her she wants.

I just hope the lesson that we remember is this: If we have been lied to by these news sources about “what America wants” for the last two years, and November 3 exposes that lie, will we as the American people  fall for their lies, propaganda, and biased reporting in the future? Will we forget (again) as we have before that eventually all dishonesty is unveiled, and once a liar, always a liar? We have been lied to by these news outlets for years…lets not fall for it again in the future.

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Gloria Allred now at odds with IRS…

Documents released by Republican California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman reveal that her former maid, Nicandra (Nicky) Diaz Santillan, made liberal use of fraudulent documents in order to obtain employment.

On her fraudulently obtained Social Security card and other employment documents, Diaz uses the name Nicandra Santillan. On the I-9 form completed in 2000, she lists Nicky as a nickname and Diaz as her maiden name and middle initial.

Go to page 12 of the documents to view copies of the fraudulent Social Security card and the California driver’s license that Diaz-Santillan used for employment purposes (a felony).

Diaz-Santillan also used the fraudulently obtained Social Security number (another felony) on the W-4 form (p. 13) that she completed and signed.

Finally, Diaz-Santillan apparently presented her employer with fraudulent documents and knowingly falsified her I-9 form (p. 14) under penalty of perjury (yet another felony).

According to the I-9 form, Diaz-Santillan presented her California driver’s license and Social Security number to the employer for review (Section 2 of the I-9 form, List A and B).

In Section 1 of the I-9 form, Diaz-Santillan entered her fraudulently obtained Social Security number. She then acknowledged by signing the form that “I am aware that federal law provides for imprisonment and/or fines for false statements or use of false documents in connection with the completion of this form.”

In addition, she attested, under penalty of perjury, that she was “a Lawful Permanent Resident” and she also entered a false Alien Number as proof of lawful permanent residence in the United States. This indicates that she may also have had a fake “green card” (one more felony). Then, she signed the I-9 form.

The employer did not sign the I-9 form made available to the public. The employer, therefore, failed to certify, under penalty of perjury, that to the best of her knowledge that Diaz-Santillan was authorized to work in the United States. If the employer did not sign the form, that is a violation of law.

Whitman was accused by the maid and her attorney of knowingly employing an illegal alien because when Whitman received “no match” letters from the Social Security Administration stating that there was a problem with Diaz-Santillan’s Social Security number, she took no action.

There is no indication that the Social Security Administration followed up or required any corrective action to be taken even though the maid was using a Social Security number that belonged to someone else. Likewise, the Internal Revenue Service continued collecting taxes while turning a blind eye to the fact that a felony was being committed. In typical fashion, Gloria Allred is supporting a cause instead of the law. If the left wins this debate, placing the blame on Meg Whitman, who has every reason to trust that she was not being conned by a felon, they will by default also be implicating the IRS, as being guilty of the same crime and ill behavior as Whitman for continuing to collect taxes from the employment that she had provided.

It is important to note that employers who receive a no-match letter are often unsure of what to do. They are told to verify the Social Security number but also warned not to discriminate against the employee. Efforts by former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to clarify the situation and to require that action be taken against individuals using fraudulently obtained Social Security numbers were stymied by a combination of business and labor interests and the supporters of illegal aliens. (Chertoff’s new rules were challenged in court and the Obama administration later dropped the rules altogether.)

This case shows once again that illegal immigrants are definitely not “undocumented.” In fact, they have lots offraudulently obtained documents, including bogus Social Security numbers, fake “green cards,” phony drivers license, etc.

It also confirms that the “don’t ask, don’t tell” I-9 system is an invitation to document fraud.

Employers at all levels who refuse to use E-Verify or another similar status-verification program risk embarrassment when they are found to be hiring illegal aliens even if they were lied to and defrauded by the employee.

Anyone considering running for political office would do well to use E-Verify for all new hires and to check all existing employees by either enrolling in the IMAGE system, participating in the Social Security Number Verification System, or by signing up for the Social Security Administration’s Consent Based Social Security Number Verification Service.

It is important to remember that the vast majority of illegal aliens are not law-abiding. In fact, the Social Security Administration estimates that 75 percent of illegal aliens have fraudulently obtained Social Security numbers that they routinely use. Of course, this is a felony. In addition, illegal aliens routinely have a wide range of other fraudulently obtained documents and in many cases the documents belong to other Americans, which in many states is identity theft – yet another major felony.

This case raises a number of questions.

First, will law enforcement authorities and ICE pursue Nicandra Diaz-Santillan for the felonies she has committed, or will they give her a total pass as they do with virtually all illegal aliens who commit job-related felonies? The smart money says that they will do nothing – as usual.

Second, just how credible is Diaz-Santillan’s assertions that Whitman cheated and mistreated her? After all, she apparently constantly lied about her immigrant status to her employer for nearly a decade and she shows no remorse for what appears to be a long history of committing major, employment-related felonies.

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