The MAYOR’S Corner

As your Los Angeles Mayor I pledge:

1). Allegiance to the Constitution

2). Equal opportunity ( citizen voting forum for each new legislation)

3). Reversal of the plans for the “Subway to the Sea” project

4). Tax Reform

5). Reduction in pork barrel LAPD funding

6). Cutting $2.3 Billion per year in unnecessary “pet projects”

7). Epistemic reduction of  “green projects” that reduce business profitability

8). Removal of unnecessary city service seats

9). Budget cuts to the Mayor’s paycheck and salary

10). Structuring the  “City for the People, instead of  People for the City” program


One response to “The MAYOR’S Corner

  1. Jerry Thompson


    I think you should run for Mayor. With you as the Mayor of LA we could begin seeing the changes that need to be placed in motion in order to effectively create the environment that would eliminate job loss, welfare reform, increase in equal opportunity, pork barrel reduction, etc.

    If you run this city like you have run your companies, we will soon be back in the black.

    Go JosiahforLA!

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