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Gloria Allred now at odds with IRS…

Documents released by Republican California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman reveal that her former maid, Nicandra (Nicky) Diaz Santillan, made liberal use of fraudulent documents in order to obtain employment.

On her fraudulently obtained Social Security card and other employment documents, Diaz uses the name Nicandra Santillan. On the I-9 form completed in 2000, she lists Nicky as a nickname and Diaz as her maiden name and middle initial.

Go to page 12 of the documents to view copies of the fraudulent Social Security card and the California driver’s license that Diaz-Santillan used for employment purposes (a felony).

Diaz-Santillan also used the fraudulently obtained Social Security number (another felony) on the W-4 form (p. 13) that she completed and signed.

Finally, Diaz-Santillan apparently presented her employer with fraudulent documents and knowingly falsified her I-9 form (p. 14) under penalty of perjury (yet another felony).

According to the I-9 form, Diaz-Santillan presented her California driver’s license and Social Security number to the employer for review (Section 2 of the I-9 form, List A and B).

In Section 1 of the I-9 form, Diaz-Santillan entered her fraudulently obtained Social Security number. She then acknowledged by signing the form that “I am aware that federal law provides for imprisonment and/or fines for false statements or use of false documents in connection with the completion of this form.”

In addition, she attested, under penalty of perjury, that she was “a Lawful Permanent Resident” and she also entered a false Alien Number as proof of lawful permanent residence in the United States. This indicates that she may also have had a fake “green card” (one more felony). Then, she signed the I-9 form.

The employer did not sign the I-9 form made available to the public. The employer, therefore, failed to certify, under penalty of perjury, that to the best of her knowledge that Diaz-Santillan was authorized to work in the United States. If the employer did not sign the form, that is a violation of law.

Whitman was accused by the maid and her attorney of knowingly employing an illegal alien because when Whitman received “no match” letters from the Social Security Administration stating that there was a problem with Diaz-Santillan’s Social Security number, she took no action.

There is no indication that the Social Security Administration followed up or required any corrective action to be taken even though the maid was using a Social Security number that belonged to someone else. Likewise, the Internal Revenue Service continued collecting taxes while turning a blind eye to the fact that a felony was being committed. In typical fashion, Gloria Allred is supporting a cause instead of the law. If the left wins this debate, placing the blame on Meg Whitman, who has every reason to trust that she was not being conned by a felon, they will by default also be implicating the IRS, as being guilty of the same crime and ill behavior as Whitman for continuing to collect taxes from the employment that she had provided.

It is important to note that employers who receive a no-match letter are often unsure of what to do. They are told to verify the Social Security number but also warned not to discriminate against the employee. Efforts by former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to clarify the situation and to require that action be taken against individuals using fraudulently obtained Social Security numbers were stymied by a combination of business and labor interests and the supporters of illegal aliens. (Chertoff’s new rules were challenged in court and the Obama administration later dropped the rules altogether.)

This case shows once again that illegal immigrants are definitely not “undocumented.” In fact, they have lots offraudulently obtained documents, including bogus Social Security numbers, fake “green cards,” phony drivers license, etc.

It also confirms that the “don’t ask, don’t tell” I-9 system is an invitation to document fraud.

Employers at all levels who refuse to use E-Verify or another similar status-verification program risk embarrassment when they are found to be hiring illegal aliens even if they were lied to and defrauded by the employee.

Anyone considering running for political office would do well to use E-Verify for all new hires and to check all existing employees by either enrolling in the IMAGE system, participating in the Social Security Number Verification System, or by signing up for the Social Security Administration’s Consent Based Social Security Number Verification Service.

It is important to remember that the vast majority of illegal aliens are not law-abiding. In fact, the Social Security Administration estimates that 75 percent of illegal aliens have fraudulently obtained Social Security numbers that they routinely use. Of course, this is a felony. In addition, illegal aliens routinely have a wide range of other fraudulently obtained documents and in many cases the documents belong to other Americans, which in many states is identity theft – yet another major felony.

This case raises a number of questions.

First, will law enforcement authorities and ICE pursue Nicandra Diaz-Santillan for the felonies she has committed, or will they give her a total pass as they do with virtually all illegal aliens who commit job-related felonies? The smart money says that they will do nothing – as usual.

Second, just how credible is Diaz-Santillan’s assertions that Whitman cheated and mistreated her? After all, she apparently constantly lied about her immigrant status to her employer for nearly a decade and she shows no remorse for what appears to be a long history of committing major, employment-related felonies.


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Obama’s list of lies has continued to grow…

Lies During Obama’s Second Year in office:

Reform will also rein in the abuse and excess that nearly brought down our financial system. It will finally bring transparency to the kinds of complex, risky transactions that helped trigger the financial crisis.
Obama Lies About Financial Reform Bill

All Americans WILL BE were, “surprised, disappointed and angry” about lockerbie bomber
Obama Memo

I will not rest until the BP Oil Spill stops
Obama’s Schedule

The health care bill will not increase the deficit by one dime.
Campaign and Presidency

“Under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place.”
U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C., September 9, 2009.

ObamaCare Fee is not a new tax
Obama denies healthcare is a new tax on all Americans

We have run out of places in the US to drill for oil.
Obama’s oval office speech in June 2010

Now suddenly if you don’t have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you can be harassed, that’s something that could potentially happen.
Arizona Immigration Law

The Health Care Package will pay for itself

Republicans don’t have a single idea that’s different from George Bush’s ideas — not one.

Hmm Immigration?

We shouldn’t Mandate the purchase of health care
Democratic Debate Lies

I am immediately instituting PayGo “Pay as you go”
Said during a speech immediately after the Trillion Dollar “Shovel Ready” bill.

I got the Message from Massachusetts
Daily Bail

Lies During Obama’s First Year in office:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
Obama Inaugaration. 20 Jan 2009

Health Care deals will be covered on C-span
Obama Lies

Recovery Act will save or create jobs
ABC News

Unemployment rate will be 8.5% without stimulus.
Obama Lies

No Earmarks in the $787 Billion Stimulus


I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care plan

We have launched a housing plan that will help responsible families facing the threat of foreclosure lower their monthly payments and refinance their mortgages.
Obama Lies

I am not somebody who promotes same-sex marriage.

Guantanamo bay to be closed within a year
Council on Foreign Relations.

Won’t Raise taxes on those making less than 250,000 per year.
Businessweek: Obama Agnostic on taxes
List of Tax Promise Violations

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Teleprompter issues for Obama…

Contributed by: Byron York

Former Vice President Walter Mondale said on CNN that President Obama relies too much on teleprompters — which Mondale called “idiot boards” — when speaking to the American people.

In a discussion of whether Obama projects empathy in his speeches, the 82 year-old Mondale said the president “has got to connect with the American people.” When CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked why Obama has not shown more empathy, Mondale answered, “I’ve seen places where he’s done it. The Milwaukee speech, I thought was terrific. I think some of these backyard events are terrific. But I think he — he’s very bright — as a matter of fact, brilliant. And I think he tends to — and he uses these idiot boards to read speeches on television and I think he loses the connection that he needs emotionally with American voters.”

“You’re talking about the teleprompters that he always has when he’s delivering a formal speech?” Blitzer asked.

“Yes, right,” Mondale said.

“And he’s reading it, basically from the teleprompter,” Blitzer said.


“You don’t think that works, is that what you’re saying?” Blitzer asked.

“Yes,” Mondale answered. “You know if you’re looking at the teleprompter, you’re here, you’re here, you’re here, and your audience is right there. And I think he needs to do more of that.”

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