Moment of truth…Midterm Elections

In an unprecedented display of fact over fiction, this November 2 election is the ultimate show of whether mainstream media, liberal news networks, left wing news pundits, and socialist functions are actually right about America and the citizens of this great country. At a rally on the Mall this past week we see Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert being patted on the back for “outsizing” the Restoring Honor rally that Conservative News commentator Glenn Beck held this past August, with mainstream media touting the number of people who attended as “doubling, and maybe even tripling” the numbers of those who attended the Beck rally. Whether or not this is true, it serves to bolster a very interesting element that has become more than evident in this latest electoral development.

While the news should be dictated by current events, such as the ongoing election, they choose instead to comment in detail and at great length about a crowd of 200,000 in Washington who chose to show up at a comedy show. What is more important to note, is that America is deciding for herself what is true and what is false in this election, and they are making their opinion count at the polls.  With mainstream media looking on, the American people are making the choice … either for more “hope and change” – or on the contrary choosing more fiscal responsibility, constitutionality,  smaller government, and candidates who can create more jobs, and resuscitate the economy.

Mainstream media doesn’t want to report the truth on this election, and are continuing to spout their propaganda and biased opinions regarding what little election coverage they choose to offer. The rest of the time they continue to cover small news stories not related to the election, and shy away from the honest coverage that Americans are wanting to hear.

During the most recent news coverage by CNN, MSNBC, CBS and many other left wing media sources, we are hearing how well the Democratic candidates are doing in their so-called “polls” and from them, are hearing first hand what crazy “nut jobs” the Conservative/Republican party has on the ballot.  Some are made out to be witches, others devils, some as racists, and others still, as bigots.  On Wednesday morning, however, America will get the truth, and left wing media will have no choice but to report the election results. November the 3rd will be the end of Mainstream media telling us its raining outside, when we can look out the window for ourselves and see the bright blue sky, and sunshine, proving once again that their lies can not outlast what the citizens of this great country can see for themselves. America is choosing what she wants. Not what left wing media is telling her she wants.

I just hope the lesson that we remember is this: If we have been lied to by these news sources about “what America wants” for the last two years, and November 3 exposes that lie, will we as the American people  fall for their lies, propaganda, and biased reporting in the future? Will we forget (again) as we have before that eventually all dishonesty is unveiled, and once a liar, always a liar? We have been lied to by these news outlets for years…lets not fall for it again in the future.


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