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Your Humble Servant…

Are you tired of being left out of the decisions that get made at every level of government, without your voice ever being heard? Are you tired of paying both local and national legislative officials to represent your values, desires, and hopes, only to find that your money is being squandered in fat paychecks and bonuses, and you get nothing in return?

My fellow American Citizens, we still have free press, and while it too may linger but a short time before it too gets trampled, we have the right and duty to be heard.

From every corner of our national community, may your voice be heard, right here, right now!

Let’s LOBBY!

About Me, Update:

… Most importantly, I am an American citizen intent on reaching across the gaps of political bureaucracy, bringing accountability back into the realm of our legislation, and to call our sitting members of representation to justice. Last but not least I intend to keep my fellow American citizens abreast of current happenings on a national and a local level.

One nation of people who desire prosperity, freedom, a constitution unaltered, and a keen sense of equality and justice, is my agenda. Above all, I am here to inspire you to raise your voice, and to be heard.

“Truth and Honor in the United States of America….in raw form.”


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