Janet Napolitano: Two faced on National Security

What would usually be too ironic to be bona fide fact, we see an unusual set of circumstances coming from the desk of our Homeland Security’s highest office.

In an unprecedented display of two-faced agenda, Napolitano comes down hard on U.S. travelers for displaying dismay and contempt for the “virtual strip searches” that are being conducted at many of our nations busiest airports.

TSA hierarchy issues glib blanket denials that they are abusing the body scanners or the pat down procedure, yet the very TSA goons running the program admit that they are using the devices to ogle at people’s genitalia, including women and young children. This in turn exposes yet another TSA lie – the claim that the scanners do not show intimate details of genitalia – which the organization has ludicrously maintained from the start despite images from the TSA’s own website showing that genitalia can clearly be seen. This has also led to TSA workers and others who use the scanners sexually harassing their own colleagues, with male TSA agents abusing the devices to crack jokes about penis sizes and also ogle a female airport security worker’s breasts.

The TSA cannot ignore this backlash in the hope that it will simply go away. More and more people will refuse to travel to the United States if this situation is allowed to continue, creating a devastating economic impact on an industry that has already lost a third of its potential income since 9/11, with travelers specifically citing the behavior of TSA thugs as the main reason for them staying away.

The TSA’s excuse that the supposed terror threat provides them with carte blanche to subject travelers to any level of debasement holds no credibility whatsoever, and unless the agency reverses its patently illegal groping measures and discontinues use of body scanners on health and privacy grounds, the TSA itself could become the target of legislation to abolish it altogether, which will undoubtedly become the next lobbying position embraced by the amplifying rebellion against TSA tyranny.

In commenting on the abuse, and the breaching of many privacy laws here in the U.S. Napolitano claims that this is necessary in the “interest of Homeland Security”. She backs up the TSA at every level, and even goes as far as to say that it is inappropriate for us as the Citizens to question the system of security set in place by the government system that she oversees and commands.

On the other side of the coin however, she brandished harsh words in relation to steps that Arizona had begun to take to quell the surging illegal immigration problem facing them, and in her words to Jan Brewer, portrayed her as a liar and a fear mongering enforcer of the law.

Napolitano, a Democrat, vetoed a fair amount of get-tough immigration measures as governor and would have nixed Senate Bill 1070 also. She quit as governor in January to work for Obama, leaving job to Jan Brewer, a Republican.

Napolitano also continues to advocate for federal immigration reforms, including amnesty for illegal immigrants already in the U.S.

Napolitano’s stances on SB1070 and reform/amnesty don’t exactly mesh with public sentiment here in the U.S.A, which favor get-tough approaches to the issue.

When questioned on the high number of middle eastern, terrorist based illegal immigration systems that use the U.S./ Mexico border as a gateway to enter illegally, she was unable to explain herself in why cracking down on the border, and increasing its security “would not be a solution”.

To summarize our Secretary of Homeland Security by her words and actions, we can simply look at the facts. Her idea of security is to crack down on U.S. travelers, using naked scans, and groping techniques, while allowing illegal border infractions to continue unpunished. This is just a small sample of her failure to properly perform her duties, and in fact further undermine the system that she oversees. She needs to set politics aside, and begin to fulfill her job description as she has sworn under oath that she “will fulfill and perform to the best of her talent and ability”.


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