The finger of death?

So far everywhere Obama has traveled, there seems to always be marked consequences as a result, which harms not him but the local residents of that area. While some say its just bad luck, others say maybe we should be getting a clear message.

When Obama travels to other states and campaigns on behalf of their Democratic candidates, they lose by a landslide. When he does fundraisers, he causes unprecedented traveling and traffic nightmares, greatly angering the locals at each stop. Now, it appears that even on vacation, the bad luck Obama touch is left behind. The latest and greatest being his recent vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. Less than 5 days later hurricane force winds and torrential rains struck causing a major evacuation and left significant damage.

Lets take a look at what kind of a “golden” touch the great “orator” has brought to each event separately.  As we will soon see that touch is not very “golden”.

1). Obama traveled to Boston two days before the special election to campaign for Democrat Martha Coakley but his efforts weren’t enough to pull her across the finish line, some saying that he damaged her image at a critical time by taking the limelight from her and shining it on himself. She lost by a landslide.

2). The same thing happened last fall when Obama campaigned for Democratic gubernatorial candidates in Virginia and New Jersey – and both Creigh Deeds and Jon Corzine lost.

3). In December, Obama flew to Copenhagen to make an 11th hour personal pitch for his hometown’s 2016 Olympic bid – and Chicago lost to Rio de Janiero.

4). In January,  Obama called the top-ranked and (at that time) unbeaten Kentucky Wildcats basketball team to thank them for their work to raise $1 million in the “Hoops for Haiti” telethon.

The hoopster-in-chief also cautioned them to keep their focus and not let their standing at the top of the polls get to their heads.

Perhaps the message wasn’t clear enough.

The Wildcats lost their first game last night, falling 68-62 to unranked South Carolina in Columbia the next night.

5).  Obama’s close association with Oprah has cost her both viewers and ratings. According to syndication reports, her losses have been higher than any other talk show network, forcing her to start her own Network after Chicago based WLS-TV and CBS threatened to cut ties with Harpo Productions, Oprah’s production company.

6).  Obama fundraiser in Los Angeles causes Angelino’s to become enraged, many asking him not to return to their city. See story here.

7). Obama and family traveled to Martha’s Vineyard again this past August. Less than a week later Hurricane Earl wreaked havoc as deadly winds and rain swept the stately retreat. It was the third tropical storm/hurricane to affect Martha’s Vineyard/Nantucket area since Obama has begun to frequent that as his vacation destination of choice.

There are many other stories that include this same chain of reaction to Obama’s “not-so-midas” touch. Lets just hope that next time he wants to visit somewhere, his record of  “bad luck charlie” stays at home in the Capitol.


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