What happens if we deport ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?

The following is an email that I received from a prominent source at the Center for Immigration studies. It is based on fact and Mathematical calculations, founded on known statistics and Census supported variables. Please enjoy and forward:)

What if we deport them ALL?…….

There are 12,000,000 million illegal immigrants in the US right now. By some new 2010 reports the more accurate figure is nearly 15,000,000.

Just to be conservative lets say that it really is just 12,000,000. Just to show you how many people that is…that is enough illegals to stretch from Seattle, Washington to New York City almost 4 times if laid end to end with no space in between them. Now to be even more conservative lets say that only 71% of the illegals are Hispanic/ Latino/ Mexican/ Chicano (gosh how many names do we have to give them) or otherwise of that Demographic. So now we are working with (we’ll round down again for all of you liberals out there who cry Shenanigans anytime we state the actual real figures) lets say 7.5 million Mexicans/Latinos. The reason I am focusing on this demographic is not to be racist or single them out…its simply 2 reasons.

1). They are the majority
2). They have the closest native country to be deported to with no natural barriers to deportation (i.e- no oceans, Intercontinental Boundaries, etc)

So what if we do deport them? Wouldn’t that be a huge tragedy? Lets look at some facts and find out.

A. Profit to Loss Ratio:

Average Illegal Alien earns about $9,000 per year. (Center for Immigration Studies)
Average Illegal Alien pays no Federal Income Tax and in the case that they do, it is less than 1/3 of their requirement based on salary.
Average Illegal Family collects about $30,000 per year in aid (your tax dollars) (Center for Immigration Studies)
Average Working/Employed Illegal  sends 15-25% of their gross earnings to family and / or friends who reside in Mexico.

Lets do the math. (15% of $9000 earnings sent to Mexico) = $1350.  Federal and State benefits collected per average illegal $7,500. So far the United States is out $8,850. “But wait,” you say “what about all the money they are spending on food and housing that is going back into the coffers?” According to Center for Immigration Studies, only about 2/3 the benefits that are utilized by Illegals end up being re-invested into the economy at large in what is referred to as “trickle-up return”. So lets say we get back 66% of what we lose on each one in benefits and recalculate. $7,500 x 33% = $2,475. Okay, you say… not bad we are only losing ($1350 + $2475) $3825 per year per individual. Now lets calculate: 7.5 million times $3825 …annual loss to our economy = $28,687,500,000. Now, keep in mind thats all money that we never see again. Its either in Mexico or lost on the 2/3 principle. But we haven’t even gotten started!

Now if we add in prisons, courts, judicial process, crime etc. we find (according to Center for Immigration Studies) that the AVERAGE ILLEGAL COSTS YOU THE TAXPAYER $55,000 each,  annually! Lets do the math again…$55,000 times 7.5 million = $412,500,000,000. In addition, in spite of the fact that you are already footing that bill, lets look at another interesting fact. Each day, an additional onslaught of Illegals continue to cross the border with figures in the vicinity of (adding to that staggering bill I just laid out for you)  another $1,897,000…per day!

Now lets answer the question that we set out to answer in this email. What happens if we deport all the illegals (or in this case just the Latinos/Hispanics etc.)

1. We are instantly $415 billion wealthier annually
2. We have about *4.5 million new jobs instantly available ( and at higher wages hence more taxes being paid collectively)
3. We have 1.6 million new jail/prison cells freed up in our prison systems to hold all the “other” criminals
4. We have over 6 million homes/apartments/housing repossessed from illegals and sold through government auction at very reasonable prices to LEGAL citizens
5. We have, according to reliable sources, 13 million cars that get left behind (while maybe not fancy they can be used for many uses besides transportation such as melted down and re-used)
6. Clear English being spoken by the cashier at your favorite McDonalds
7. A very rapid and roomy bus system no longer overcrowded by gang bangers, thieves, and free loaders looking to cause trouble
8. And a decrease in domestic violence that some studies say could reach lows that we haven’t seen since pre -World War Two!

I could go on and on. The important issue is this: US Citizens, band together in support of Jan Brewer and AZ Immigration Law (SB 1070) you never know, you may find that the support you provide may soon be coming to a state near you!


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One response to “What happens if we deport ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?

  1. Sue Swur

    Well written and scary…we need to boot all illegals out of our country and close the borders. This is the only positive side of this recession is they can’t find work and are going back over the border! I suggest we secure ALL our borders.

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