Liberal Media sources now say California exhibits “the reverse of Global Warming”

This has been a big year for setting records in California.

Record debt, record deficit, record job loss and now RECORD BREAKING COLD weather. This summer marks Southern California’s coolest summer since the 80’s and some at the NOAA say that Californians haven’t seen this many cool days in succession since the Golden Days of Hollywoodland. During the past three years Californians have seen a decrease in average temperature in contradiction to what Global Warming advocates have been touting for the last decade. As the second largest metropolitan establishment in the United States, Los Angeles has long been accused of the highest carbon emmissions in the U.S. and has twice been named the greatest offender for releasing greenhouse gases.

Interesting that now that Los Angeles is at its highest population yet, temperatures have begun to cool. As it was in the days of  “the Earth is Flat” advocates, we once again have seen that guess work and amalgamated data that the Global Warming “scientists” have spun, is beginning to show signs of flaw, and just isn’t holding water….literally. So much for sea level rising.

The earth as a global surface temperature has cooled this year by0.021 degrees according to satellite data and atmospheric contraction. That meets and exceeds last years readings where we saw an increase of 0.012 degrees, which further verifies the planets constant rhythm of warmer and cooler years with no net noticeable change is continuing ad infinitum.

There is another change, however, taking place. Those who now disbelieve the Global Warming advocates are up in 2010 by 68%. Maybe this year we will see Al Gore pursue other means to use  fear mongering to persuade the gullible in America into lining his pockets with the “gold of con”. What is it this year Al? Has the world’s orbit begun to show signs of slight change? We all know you will be the FIRST to detect it…er, I mean make it up.


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