Obama coordinates vacation plans to escape DC during Beck Rally

Insider reports now indicate that the vacation plans of the Obama family had more to do with the Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor” rally than they did “recharging his batteries” as White House staff reported originally.

Reports from several local sources indicate that Obama timed the vacation to conveniently slip out of the Capitol while hundreds of thousands of well meaning, yet disenfranchised Americans where scheduled to be in his backyard.

“He didn’t want to have to see the fruits of his administration on his own turf,” says Jordan Lintel who resides in the Capitol with his wife and children. “There’s no doubt he wouldn’t have liked what he saw when it comes to turnout – there were more Americans at the rally than there were at his Inauguration,” he added.

While many mainstream media sources put figures at around 300,000 in attendance Park Managers who oversaw the event disagree. “I have seen the turnout at each event held here since the mid 80’s,” says one of the managers at the Lincoln Memorial National Park, who requested that we keep his name anonymous. “We are very aware of how many people each portion of our park can hold and estimate that there were  over 950,000  in attendance.”

The cities public transit systems were taxed to their peak, and some city officials put the turnout at over 1 million. DC Metro superintendent Charlie Welsh says that in his 5 years on the job he hasn’t seen such a turnout for any event in his city. “There’s no doubt that it was one of the most well mannered gatherings that I have witnessed,” he continued, stating that almost none of the attendees held signs, or demonstrated in any way. “It was a quiet group for being so immense in size,” he finished.

The White House has had really nothing of import to say regarding the event, and it seems they have turned a blind eye.

While members of the MLK family who spoke at the event described it as very positive in its association with the “I have a Dream” speech, the very individuals who should have supported it in its values on Civil Rights were bitter. Al Sharpton led a small group who conflicted the Beck throng. According to witnesses in both groups, the “Sharpton Gang” were the only ones spreading the bitterness and hatred.

America seemed to voice its opinion in no uncertain tones yesterday – maybe it’s time for our elected employee in the Oval Office to lend an ear to American Citizens and begin working on the items that really matter to them instead of what matters to him. Then again, as his new rhetoric defines “the approval  ratings don’t matter to me”…maybe he’d still rather be on vacation golfing, while millions of Americans are struggling to merely put a roof over their heads, and food on the table.

Time will tell if the President will choose to pick up the baton and begin working to “restore honor”, or whether he will stand idly by, barking occasional orders and pushing legislation that hinders progress, and undermines the nations values. Until then, we will be waiting Mr. President, but don’t feel bad if your ratings continue to fall to record setting lows. Until then, Mr. President I guess its good that “ratings don’t matter” to you.


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