Obama causes traffic nightmare in Los Angeles, Refuses to Apologize

Just when you think the Obama Administration is long overdue for at least an attempt at redeeming themselves in the eye of the American Taxpayers, it gets worse.

On Monday President Obama visited Los Angeles as his first stop on a desperate attempt at raising money for his party. The goal?  Shakedown the Hollywood elite to the tune of $1 Million.

While I have no problems with fundraisers, I do have a problem with what occurred this past Monday. Lets look at the facts.

Obama needed 100 guests to each pay $10,000 per plate towards his OWN re-election fund at this fundraiser put on by TV producer John Wells. Lets look at how much it cost us as the taxpayers.

According to the Government Accounting Office, Air Force One costs $54,100.00 per hour to operate on domestic flights (more internationally because of support and refueling aircraft). The flight took 4.8 hours because of prevailing headwinds winds coming out Monday afternoon. The cost? $259,680 for the flight alone. There was the cost of Marine One (which was transported to LAX on Monday aboard a C-17 Globemaster III) is about $9,118.00 per hour. However, the C-17 Globemaster III costs (sometimes they use the C-5 Galaxy at a similar operating cost) about $31,873.00 per hour at 5.1 hours (from Quantico) $162,552.30. If you add overtime on the Secret Service, plus overtime for 4,800 local law enforcement personal and staff, and the other City of Los Angeles expenses which the budget office puts at over $683,000.00, the cost of Obama’s $1 million fundraiser cost you the taxpayer  a little over $1.87 million.

Had the President stayed home he could have save the taxpayers $870,000.00 even if he would have written himself the $1 million out of the treasury.

In case anyone was keeping track, he is the same man who is trying to take credit for  getting the country back on its feet financially. I am glad I have a sense of humor when it comes to politics, otherwise I would hope that such gross financial mismanagement as seen in his last trip to Los Angeles this last week  would be followed up with “April Fools!” Unfortunately it wasn’t a joke,and it really happened.

In addition over 300,000 people in Los Angeles lost a combined 600,000 man hours while being stuck in gridlock due to his presence. We haven’t even begun to do the math on that loss yet.

Let’s hope that next time Obama wants to raise money, he makes phone calls.


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