Labor Dept. Says Jobless Claims Worsening

The Labor Dept. said that unemployment looks more bleak now than it did – even in February.

A new study shows that while published unemployment numbers include individuals still filing unemployment, the number of unemployed is actually 2.7 times higher.

“The 9.5% figure is simply a number that is measured based on those who are still filing for unemployment, and new jobless claims, ” says Mark Denalta of the Labor Services Committee. “These do NOT include several million other legal US Citizens who have not re-filed, or posted a status with the Labor Dept.”

Using software databases that accurately track the nations unemployment (accurate to plus or 1.5%) several private and government contracting firms have found the actual number of unemployed US Citizens is currently at 21.85% or 23.8 million, who are now jobless …most of whom were previously employed as recently as 2008.

“The figures coming out of the media are misleading,” continues Mark, “lets just hope that Americans aren’t buying the fiction.”

U.S. unemployment continues to skyrocket, while the Obama Administration continues to fudge the numbers. Lets hope that America wakes up to the fact that their recovery isn’t working. Its time to take action, and reverse the bloodletting of this Administration’s fiscal irresponsibility.


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