SB1070 protesters continue to “spew hate and violence”

In another of many examples of why the problem with illegal immigration must be immediately addressed, we see several attempts and successes at outright violence and hate which negatively impacted and affected working, legal, US Citizens. Streets of Phoenix and Los Angeles this week have been filled with traffic blocking protesters, in some cases with protesters laying on the pavement to prevent motorists from driving through.

Thousands of employees and business owners in both cities were unable to get to work on time, and in some cases were unable to get to work at all.

Tires were thrown onto freeways by illegals, in an attempt to stop or damage traffic in the Tucson area, and many other violent and destructive acts have been occurring at each rally.

” I was not a supporter of  SB1070,” says Mark of Scottsdale, AZ  “but now that I can see their true colors, and the fact that they are committing crimes just to punish the state, simply because they want Amnesty, I want them out of here.” His voice is being echoed by thousands of others in both Arizona and California who were unable to make work, or other destinations on time, or in some cases had damage done to their personal property on account of the illegals.

Those who tout the “peace keeping, hard working mentality” of the illegal immigrant might want to think again. Actions speak louder than words, and in this case, they really are not helping themselves out.


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