Arizona SB1070 ruling puts new light on OK City Bombing…

Convicted Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh might still be a free man today, if not for the legal system of states helping Feds deal with crime.

The bomber was making his escape, and had nigh well succeeded, until he was stopped for a speeding violation. When the State employed police officer ran his numbers/background, he realized that he was wanted for breaking a Federal Law, and was subsequently arrested.

Why did the local authorities determine that is was within their rights to take action in arresting McVeigh? Its because for years the local system has worked hand in hand with Federal Law enforcement, but apparently now that it affects Illegal Immigration in a very real way the Libs want NOTHING to do with it.

Lets just hope that the Liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will be balanced in realizing that as AZ/US Citizens appeal, they must uphold the laws of the land that they are sworn to protect and uphold.


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