Nationwide Outrage At Susan Bolton’s Biased Ruling On SB1070

US Citizens nationwide are outraged today at the injunction that Federal Judge Susan Bolton placed on key aspects of Arizona’s SB1070 law set to go in force at 12:01 AM tomorrow.

George Leffler, of Utah, who’s wife was struck and killed by a drunk and speeding Mexican national near the Utah/Arizona border last month, is shocked and disappointed that such items that he terms “just and prudent” were struck down.  “The illegals that are leaving Arizona are coming to Utah, Colorado, and California”, he states, noting that recent surveys by Centers for Immigration Studies have found that very few of the criminal immigrants in Arizona are going south. “They are just leaving for other states”, he adds.

US Citizens are shocked that with such vast numbers nationwide supporting the Arizona law in its entirety, our legal system continues to side with the lawbreakers, and their vote hungry politicians in power.

“The very fact that our government will use taxpayer dollars to fight legislation designed around existing Federal laws that are in place to protect US Citizens and the legal immigration process is downright destructive,” says Tracy Maxwell of Syracuse, New York. “My husband and family are seriously considering whether this country is still deserving of our citizenship, or whether we should move somewhere like New Zealand that still operates under the precepts of “Government for the People,” she finished.

Throughout the nation the upheaval is just getting started. As our reporters are interviewing more and more taxpaying, legal, American Citizens  the story is the same. “We are tired of this take over,” seems to be the thread of continuity in each case.

While Susan Bolton sided predictably with the left, striking down the very aspects of the law that were actually different from existing laws, she obviously has set in motion a very good by-product. Other states across the nation have begun writing new legislation that is much more severe and robust in its handling of illegals. This partial defeat in Arizona has summoned the courage of these other states to rally in an effort to protect the American way of life.

A legal representative to the State of Oklahoma said this morning that his state is tired of the made up excuses and lies, blaming racial profiling and Amnesty violations that have been slung at Arizona. “Illegal is Illegal, its as simple as that,” he quips, “I could use a very similar defense to bank robbery, but that wouldn’t fly,” he continues. “Say I walk into a bank and rob it simply because I was in dire need, and have a family to feed, does that all of a sudden make it legal? I don’t care why they are here, or what sort of “asylum” they are spouting. There are legal ways into this country just like there are legals ways to make money. Federal laws are in place to eliminate the criminal shortcuts that people like bank robbers use to get easy money, and illegals use to get instant Citizenship. It punishes the rest of us who did it right,” he says.

As the nation rises in revolt, the Mexican nationals are laughing. Once more they got their free ride.


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One response to “Nationwide Outrage At Susan Bolton’s Biased Ruling On SB1070

  1. Sally w

    I personally am sick and tired of our country being hijacked by the very people we have voted into office to watch out for us! Since when does the Federal government have a right to override a State? It is past the time of no return and Americans need to step up and remove these folks from office. Following up with closing our borders and stopping everyone and asking for ID. Then remove those who don’t belong.

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