NEW OIL SPILL blocks Horizon clean up efforts in the Gulf

URGENT: Pressurized natural gas and oil blasts into the air after boat strikes another oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Coast Guard is responding to a new oil leak on the Gulf Coast.

This spill involves a well in a portion of Barataria Bay known as Mud Lake, near Bayou St. Dennis about 10 miles south of Lafitte, Louisiana.

Although this latest spill is unrelated to the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, it’s blocking vessels of opportunity based in Lafitte from accessing the Gulf, as officials assess air quality and other health and safety issues at the site. (Boats staged in other areas are unaffected).

“It’s apparent that some type of vessel has hit the well head, has laid it over,” said Donald Nalty, COO of oil spill cleanup contractor ES&H, who just returned from a flyover of the site in single engine seaplane. “It’s probably about a four inch casing and it’s spewing out oil and natural gas.”

Nalty said the oil was coming out as a mist and was dusting nearby marshes.


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