Dems Election Plan…Act like the last 18 months never happened!

House Democrats have slapped together a “coordinated,” “specific,” “six-week messaging campaign” for the summer, according to The Hill.  The following words, however, appear nowhere in these “specific” plans: ‘stimulus,’ health care, or ‘cap-and-trade.’ Apparently, massive unemployment, massive debt, permanent bailouts, job-killing government takeovers, and backroom dealsdon’t rate as worth celebrating.  No victory laps, no ticker-tape parades, just bringing the Beltway blame game to a back-to-school sale or tele-town hall (what, you think Democrats do real town hall meetings anymore?) near you.  Having said that, looking at today’s headlines, can you blame them?

  • Trillion-Dollar ‘Stimulus.’ Today’s Wall Street Journal notes that “a brawl has broken out among economists and politicians about whether fiscal-stimulus medicine is curing the illness or making it worse.”  The American people have made it clear where they stand: a majority said in a recent TIMEsurvey that the country would be better off if the ‘stimulus’ money hadn’t been spent.  The paper notes that Christina Romer, the president’s chief economic adviser, “famously projected in January 2009 that without government support, the unemployment rate would reach 9%, but with support the government could keep it under 8%.  It’s 9.5% today.”
  • Job-Killing National Energy Tax. The Washington Post reports today that more than 13 months after House Democrats forced through a job-killing national energy tax, dozens of “House Democrats along the Rust Belt are not at all happy with the way things have turned out. The White House and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) had assured reluctant members that the Senate would take up the measure.”  This “has left some House Democrats feeling badly served by their leaders.  Although lawmakers are reluctant to say so publicly, their aides and campaign advisers privately complain that the speaker and the president left Democrats exposed on an unpopular issue that has little hope of being signed into law. Some Democrats liken the situation to that of the 1993 ‘Btu’ tax.
  • ObamaCare. Among ObamaCare’s four months of broken promises, the most galling for millions of Americans is Washington Democrats’ failure to protect taxpayers from being forced to fund abortions.  Under the headline “Abortion provision threatens Dems,” POLITICO notes that the “question being debated” around the country is “will the reform of the health care system create a loophole that allows taxpayer money to fund abortions?”

ONE NEW IDEA. The only new idea Democrats will be bringing home to their constituents is a plan to hammer small businesses with a job-killing tax hike.  According to a Joint Committee on Taxation analysis, half of small business income in America will face higher taxes under President Obama’s notes today that “uncertainty about the economy is proving pretty scary, and a major drag on the recovery.”  Is this the president’s new job creation plan: higher taxes and more uncertainty for private-sector job-creators?

LISTENING AND OFFERING BETTER SOLUTIONS. Republicans remain squarely focused on listening to the American people and “deliberately reaching out to the grass roots” through America Speaking Out and offering better solutions to get people working again.  House Republicans’ “No Cost Jobs Plan” was presented to President Obama by House Republican Leader Boehner (R-OH) and House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) at the White House on December 9, 2009.  They sent a follow-up letter on July 15, 2010, urging the president to stop his job-killing agenda and work with Republicans to “enact policies that encourage private sector job creation.”


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